Sunday, April 24, 2011

How I store my punches


Storing punches is a challenge for me as I have so many of them....;)  I have a few drawers that are devoted solely to punches so I store them by theme per drawer. For example one drawer is for shapes such as circles, ovals and squares, another for cut out shapes such as owls and birds, another for borders and another for flowers..... oh my, I didn't realize how many I had until just now and Im not even showing them all.... oh-la-la.

I also have a basket just for tag punches, flowers and leaves.

Since I ran out of drawer space I decided why not start show casing them on the wall...;)  I found these narrow shelves that hold my Martha Stewart punches just perfectly. I like to partner up the corner edge punch with the straight punch.  This way i don't forget it also has a corner punch.... if you know what i mean. 

Stay tuned, more storage ideas on the way.


How I store my stamps

Hello Ladies,

I've taken a few pictures of how I store some of my craft products.  Hope these ideas help you along the way to organization.


I like to use plastic storage options to store my stamps. I use plastic folder style storage containers for my cling and mounted stamps. I really like them as they come in various depths (thin for cling & thick for rubber mounted) and I can store them by theme or type.

I also store my cling and acrylic stamps in DVD style containers.  I purchased the one's below from Stampin UP.  I like to store them by category, size and by theme. For example, I have five DVD cases for all my butterflies, I've labelled each as 'tiny', 'small', 'medium', 'large' and 'x-large. So when I get a new butterfly I simply place it in the appropriate DVD container.

Here I've stored them in a DVD cabinet..... wish it was bigger ;)

Here is the inside of my corner cabinet which stores a mix of the above two storage containers.

Well ladies, that's how I store my stamps. Hope this brings forth some ideas for you to organize your stamps as well.

Stay tuned, more storage ideas being posted shortly.


Scraproom Pics

Happy Easter,

Ok, well I promised you some pictures of my scraproom so here they are, finally. I took them in sections to give you a viewpoint from all directions. Here you go:

View from the entrance into my creative space:

View to the left of my work station:

View behind my scrap desk:

View looking out towards the entrance from my scrap desk:

View looking towards my right:

Now would you believe me when I say this is a pretty small room.... I can't believe how much I have been able to store in this small space.  I guess a lot has to do with being organized and putting my goodies away in such a way that saves on space.  I'll show you some of my space saving preferences that works best for me in my next post. 

Happy Easter everyone!!

hugs xxx