Monday, March 8, 2010

Easel Card


I almost forgot, I have another card to share with you.  My neighbor's daughter is turning 11 years old so I took the opportunity to try out my card making skills again. This is my second hand made card. My first card was a true challenge (Wedding Card) so this one should be a little easier..... lol!

I decided to go with an easel card, simple enough and I had a cupcake in mind as my focal point. 

I used kraft card stock as my base and then layered a fushia rose color cardstock on the top and on the inside of the easel card.

I punched out the corners of a smaller piece of designer paper and applied stickles to each corner.  I cut out a scallop circle on purple cardstock and then a smaller one in white and inked the edges in pink. I stamped the cupcake image on the white scalloped circle and then again on a scrap piece of paper.  I colored in the cupcake and did the same on the extra one but only on the topping as I then cut it out, applied foam stickers to the back and aligned it on top of the my colored picture. This adds dimension to the picture and with a little more glitter glue (stickles) to accent the cream topping and hearts makes it all the more yummy looking.

To make the easal card stand up straight I alligned a Happy Birthday (Bonne Fete) banner 3/4's down the inside with foam glue dots to raise the banner a little.  This way the easal card front is blocked and sits against the banner. I stamped the saying in light violet and then applied the same color tone embossing powder over it and heat embossed it. I then inked the whole banner with light violet distress ink.

 I finished the bottom with a beautiful punch border and sprayed shinny glimmer mist to make it sparkle.

Hope you like it.

Lynn :)

Page 4

Hello again,

I have one more scrapbook page to post today and share with you and then I'm back in my scrappin room ready to challenge a new layout..... not sure what it will be so come back soon and be surprised.

This scrapbook page is titled 'Silly' for obvious reasons.... Kassidy had this thing about taking off a sock and for some bizarre reason putting it in his mouth...... to make me laugh no doubt. Check out the huge smiles on his face in these pics.... just adorable!!

I started off with a dark green cardstock base then glued a felt material frame around the page. Actually this piece was the negative part of a frame that I kept and didn't throw out....  I figured I could use it somehow and voila.... it's perfect for this layout.  I chose a piece of patterened designer paper in lighter green shade and cut it into 3 strips and spaced them out across the background paper for an added dimension. I used baby blue cardstock to frame the photos.

I used cardboard chip letters in various sizes and mounted them on using pop up foam stickers.

This was another really fun and easy page to work on.  Now I'm off onto creating my next scrapbook page so make sure to check out my blog again soon for new postings.

Have a nice week eveyone!

Page 3

Hi all,

Here's a scrapbook page that was really fun to do. I had cut out a picture about a year ago of an elephant taking a bath and thought it was so cute that I knew I wanted to incorporate it into a scrapbook page one day. Well that day has finlly come and Im really happy how it turned out.

The elephant was sitting in a cute red tub but I couldn't get a picture of Kass in a tub beside it so I traced the tub out onto a piece of  green cardstock, doubled the length of the tub so that there was enough room for both of them in tub.... too cute.

I rubbed green distress ink over the tub to give it an aged look.I then applied liquid applique to the rim of the tub to look like bath foam spilling over the rim. I had a wave made out of glittered chipboard so I just had to use it somewhere on this page and it fit perfectly in the center of the tub.  I also had a piece of material that I cut into a little square and added it to the picture as a little towel hanging off the bathtub rail.  I also cut into the picture, you'll notice Kass is holding onto the tub. I simply cut around his hand and then glued it to the tub. Cool effect!!

When thinking of the layout which only started with an elephant in a tub I thought back to when Kass was taking baths in my first home. We had shower curtains back then so I decided to hand draw curtains on a 12x12 yellow piece of cardstock and then cut it out using scallop scissors. I then did the same process with designer paper and layered it with foam backing and placed it on top of the yellow cardstock for added dimension. I inked the edges in brown distress ink and made it pop out even more.  My main background was a light blue piece of cardstock. I wanted to duplicate the bubbles around the elephant so I took a circle shape stamp and inked it in blue and white to get the bubble effect onto the page.  I also had a few bubbles made out of plastic so I randomly placed them on the page.

This page was a lot of fun bringing it all together.  Hope it inspires you to get creative and come up with new ideas.

See ya,

Lynn :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wedding Card


A coworker viewing my scrapbook album convinced me to take a challenge and make a wedding card for her.  As a new scrapper I had not yet touched cardmaking but was interested so I took the challenge. I had previously downloaded a paper piecing SVG file of a wedding couple and thought I would give it a try.

To be honest, it was not an easy challenge as I was now tackling two never done before projects: cardmaking and paper piecing. It was time consuming but actually not so bad once I overcame my panic of OMG what did i get myself into....LoL!

I had a white wedding embossed cardstock already on hand so I started there and then rubbed yellow distress ink over the back and front of the card to give it some color as the bride was already mostly in white. I used my cricut machine to cut out the images from the svg paper piecing files and then glued all the pieces together. I also cut out a wedding arch and placed the bride and groom in the center.

You can't really see it here but I added white liquid pearls to the grooms tux making it look like suede, very beautiful. I added white crystal glitter to the ruffle at the bottom of the bride's dress and finally I added flower soft over the brides bouquet giving it a more textured and raised effect.

Now that the card was completed i figured out that there still was a challenge left for me to tackle..... the envelope.What I did is look for an envelope on hand that the card would fit into. I then carefully pulled the envelope apart and used it as a template. I drew the envelope on a yellow color cardstock to complement the card. I used a wedding tag purchased at the dollar store scrapping section and glued it to the front of the envelope.

I tied a silk pink ribbon around the card and since the front was so pretty I couldn't leave the back bare so I decided to do something there too.   I added a glitter foam flower to the point of the envelope closure and cut off the remaining petails. I added little silver flowers to add more interest.

And voila!, after having faced all these challenges, the time and dedication put into it, and how pretty the card turned out I had a really hard time parting with it. I'll take the time again soon and make another like it. Thanks Amy, I couldn't have taken this on without you having confidence in me.

Lynn ;)

Page 2

Hi again,

This scrapbook page actually belongs to Baby Album #1 and I will be inserting it there but I wanted to share the page with you regardless so I'm listing it here for you to view it.

This page is quite simple but very sweet. I added glimmer spray to the blue cardstock to give it a shinny effect and then cut it back a quarter inch on all sides and adhered it to a 12x12 yellow cardstock to match to photo mats I made. I inked all the edges of the cardstock in brown distress ink.  I used this technique as well on my photo mats.... see below.

Sorry, I can't rotate this pic for some reason but you see the distressed inked edges quite well from this angle.  I also used a scallop border punch to edge the bottom of my photo mats to
give them a more dainty look.

I adhered the pics onto a silk baby blue pokadot cardstock, scalloped two sides and then added a soft flower ribbon to the top and bottom of the center page. A few glitter embelishments here and there in the same color sequence only complimented the overall page.
More scrapbook pages on the way,


Page 1

Hi everyone,

I know, it's been way too long since my last posting, sorry about that - I can't believe how times flies....
Well now I'm back and with a few new scrap album pages to share with you. Hope you enjoy them!!

This is a beautiful photograph of Kassidy on his baptism day. 

I went with a white glitter cardstock base and then added a silk textured patterned paper on top and cropped it down by cutting all sides with scallop scissors.

I wanted the picture in a blue sparkly frame to match the white glitter base cardstock so I inked the cardboard frame in a blue tint and then poured blue glitter embossing powder and heat embossed it.

I cut a felt flower in half, added stickles to the white leaves and adhered it to the frame with glue dots. I added two more small flowers which are glittered foam sticker flowers (love them) and added a metal flower on top and a butterfly brad in the middle.... very cute. The letters are from a few different patterned alphabet chipboard packages I purchased at the local dollar store.

Simple page but captivating......... 

Stay tuned as I have a few more pics to post.  Please leave me a comment and email me if you have any questions.

Lynn :)