Sunday, April 24, 2011

How I store my punches


Storing punches is a challenge for me as I have so many of them....;)  I have a few drawers that are devoted solely to punches so I store them by theme per drawer. For example one drawer is for shapes such as circles, ovals and squares, another for cut out shapes such as owls and birds, another for borders and another for flowers..... oh my, I didn't realize how many I had until just now and Im not even showing them all.... oh-la-la.

I also have a basket just for tag punches, flowers and leaves.

Since I ran out of drawer space I decided why not start show casing them on the wall...;)  I found these narrow shelves that hold my Martha Stewart punches just perfectly. I like to partner up the corner edge punch with the straight punch.  This way i don't forget it also has a corner punch.... if you know what i mean. 

Stay tuned, more storage ideas on the way.


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